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Stand up Paddle Surf is easy sport to learn, do I need some experience on water sports?

No, you don’t need to have any experience. We will teach you all you need to be capable of handle the Paddle surf in order you can enjoy the activity.

I´m a little “out of shape” is it a problem to learn the basics on Sup?

No, people of all shapes and sizes can learn it, you just need to feel comfortable on water.

SUP is safe sport? 

Yes, you just need to have some classes before, like this you will have a notion of what it consists this wonderful sport.

Where do I have my lessons?

The Paddlesurf lessons are done in our Sup school that´s located in the beautiful area of Costa da Caparica, for more info, please contact us at info@sup-portugal.com

What boards/paddles do you have to learn? 

Our school is totally equipped with F-one boards and Paddles.

Can I rent gear or do I have to buy?

We rent all the gear, since boards, paddles, wetsuits etc. We have all you need to get you in the water.

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– All students must sign a Release of Liability and a declaration of fitness.

– All students under the age of 10 must have a parent or legal guardian present for the day.

– Any and all medical conditions must be disclosed to our staff.

– All students must know how to swim.

– Students are required to notify SUP-PORTUGAL at the time of booking the course of any medical condition suffered by them that may be relevant to the activity to be undertaken on the course. All information given will be treated with strict confidentiality.

– All costs include board, paddle, leash, wetsuits, safety vest when required and professional SUP instruction.

– We advise to pre-register to guarantee the SUP lesson day and time of your choosing.

– No Personal checks are accepted.

– Payments and deposits are non-refundable.

– Our instructors r all professionals and will have final say over the conditions.

– In the event of bad weather (Thunder, Lightning, or Hurricane) the SUP lesson will be re-scheduled or we change the spot. Rain, cold air, or cloudy skies do not constitute bad weather.

– SUP-PORTUGAL will inform booked customers as to the weather forecast and therefore the status of the course at least 24 hours before the start time.

– The student must accept that all courses are weather dependent and that this may adversely affect the course.

– Course start times are dependent on tide times.

– All decisions regarding the running or cancellation of any course are at the absolute discretion of SUP-PORTUGAL whose decision shall be final.

– If the course is cancelled 24 hours prior to the agreed start time SUP-PORTUGAL will endeavour to reschedule booked customers at their convenience. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange alternative dates.

– If the course is cancelled at the start time of an arranged course (eg. due to an inaccurate forecast) SUP-PORTUGAL will not take any money and will re-book at the convenience of the customer.

– If the course is cancelled after the start due to the weather conditions or the compromising of clients or other beach users then customers will be offered a choice of a part refund (minus work done) and the opportunity to re-book, or for SUP-PORTUGAL to keep course payment and for alternative dates to be arranged.

– For the lessons, we suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early for roper prep-time.

– Instructors wait a maximum of 30 minutes for students from the appointed start time.

– There is no refund for no-shows.

– Always bring sunscreen, a swimsuit, a towel, water, a light snack, and any other items you might want.

– Our staff may photograph your session. All Images produced are the property of the photographer and/or SUP-PORTUGAL.

– Prices are subject to change.

– Tours duration will not include traveling time from the meeting place to the destinations.

– Instructor traveling time to lessons held off-site will NOT be added to the lesson time.

– The student will pay for preventable accidental damage to equipment by the student.

– Written letters of appreciation are always welcome.

– Any complaints regarding lessons or instructor conduct should be directed to the office immediately.

– Completion and signature of the booking form by the student confirms that he/she has read and understood these booking conditions and accepts the same.

– Lessons are paid for at the time of the booking.

– You can make your reservation over the phone or email.

– Please do not consume alcohol prior to the lesson. Instructor has the right to refuse a lesson to anyone that has been drinking.